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Wow it’s been awhile. Hi world. Hello internets. I’m a little nervous. I don’t know why I stopped using this blog. I love to write. I suppose I got too busy. I do not know. But I miss it. I write myself emails all the time. So i thought, hum, why don’t i update my blog instead of writing myself emails. Hello! i am sure others in the world would love to be enlightned by my insight and creativity….pfft.

Music Mondays- i think i will start this up again.

Freaking Awesome Fridays- just kidding. I just love Fridays.

What is new in the life of me?
welps, I’m going to grad school in July of 2009. I will be living in Europe for a year.
i have an awesome job in television. I am a “producer” and it’s fun.
I am obsessed with The Bird and The Bee’s cover of the Beegee’s ” How sweet is your love.”
I am obsessed with Bob Dylan. This obsession replaced my Joaquin Phoenix obsession. My sisters say that i use any excuse to talk about Dylan. For instance, ” oh i love your new jacket” Me: Dylan used to wear this military jacket and because of it it became in style. did you know that huh huh huh?!?” not true. I do not do this. ( okay maybe).
I am happy.

hehehe woo hoo hoo.

oh also, i’ve discovered i’m obessed with notebooks! I was cleaning out my bookshelf and found a gazillion agendas/notebooks/sketchbooks.
Also, i like cute things. If i see a cute anything, i will most likely purchase it.
My co-workers have noticed this. Even my water bottle and lunch box are cute. even my utensils are cute. They tell me i am the cute-conisseur. Hey, they said it not me. I’ll take it.

oh and i have become with card that play music when you open them. I know, so cheesy. But i think it’s hilarious. I always chose really bad music on purpose. and i’m the only one that find it amusing.
that’s quiet selfish of me. to give a gift for my own pleasure.

oh another major new thing since i last wrote in this blog…i am an aunt. to the most beautiful baby i have seen in my life. and i know what you’re thinking, that i’m being biased. But I am a journalist! I am not allowed to be biased. Who are we kidding. Yes, perhaps i’m not being objective but strangers have even stopped us to tell us that Matthew is the cutest baby in the world. But then again, who goes up to strangers to tell them their baby is ugly?
whatever. He is the cutest.

Yeah it’s past midnight and most likely tomorrow morning when I read this, I will decide to shutdown my blog again.

I just realized this blog entry should have been titled: things that I’m obsessed with.
How did i go into a whole disparate about what i like and am currently obessed with??
I call that a classic case of writer’s block. aka: rambleation.

before i go, please, do yourself a favor and listen to this song.


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